UPDATE Jobless Wife Used Our Savings To Pay Her Sister's Monthly Bills So I Separated Finances~ AITA

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I have been married to my wife, Ashley, for 7 years. I am the only one that works. Ashley spends her time volunteering at a charity she started. I am fine with this as I make enough for both of us. In financial decisions we have equal say. I will admit that I am the numbers nerd of the relationship – so I do the budget and handle our investments. My wife has equal input into the budget – we both have to agree on it. Like many people we are saving for retirement and a couple of other financial goals.

Ashley’s sister and her family are going through a lot of financial issues at the moment. My BIL lost his job and my SIL is reaching out to my wife for help. They are asking for us to cover their monthly expenses. I said no – while we have some discretionary money, we don’t have that much. Both my wife and I get “fun money” to spend however we wish each month. I told my wife that I would match whatever amount of her fun money she wants to give her sister from my fun money. My wife doesn’t want to do that – she says that won’t be enough money. She wants us to reduce the amount we are saving each month to help her sister. I refused. I do not want to jeopardize my family’s future for her sister’s present. Ashley was very unhappy with my answer, but I refused to change my mind.

I found out last week that my wife gave her sister money out of our general savings account. I was furious – to me this is a complete betrayal of trust. I confronted her and her reply was that I “forced her to go behind my back by being unreasonable”. I was angry - I ended up going to the bank and opening up new accounts in my name only. I moved the balances to my new accounts. I left in enough money for the expenses that she typically pays according to our budget (things like groceries, her gas, etc) as well as her fun money. I did not leave her without access to any money. I did leave her with access only to money that she is supposed to spend according to the budget we both agreed to.

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