TOTO - Hold The Line - Bobby Kimball - ISOLATED VOCALS - Analysis and Singing Lesson

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In this video we examine the awesome vocals of Bobby Kimball of TOTO! HOLD THE LINE - ISOLATED VOCALS! Watch Now!

TOTO - Hold The Line - Bobby Kimball - ISOLATED VOCALS - Analysis and Singing Lesson

Toto was made up of six exceptionally talented players who were previously session musicians that backed up artists like Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand and Jackson Browne.

Can you think of any other bands comprised primarily of former session musicians that also went to be commercially successful? Let me know in the comments!

"Hold The Line" was both the band’s first single and their first big hit and in addition to breaking down Bobby Kimball’s isolated vocals, we’ll also take a look at the epic guitar solo from Steve Lukather.

I’ll also delve into the instrumentation of the song and how the exchange of the keyboards and guitar played into that unique sound.

Be sure to check out the version by Gabriela Guncikova here:

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