ROBLOX| Zombie Attack| 3 Hours Fun Game Proof| Ghost Dragon| No cheats| Full Video| No effects

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Hello everyone today i prepared 2 videos. Firstly, this video is our proof we play fair and our strategy isn't a "glitch" our records cant be contested! We don't use zombie glitches, game glitches. This is our way, how we trained, how we beat our records in serious game as well, and we think and support it's the best! It's not liked just because it's different and ours and a complex original strategy. :)
We play with full team, 8 shooters out of 8, weapons and pets available to everyone (can be bought with cash or robux OR earned from a mission and free).
Ghost Dragon is strongest mission pet for the fact you must hunt 600 demons which is ALOT a mission you can barely complete in a week it takes a lot of time and effort so obviously the abilities for this pet are OP as it should. This pet is added by creator no chance it can be a glitch. Pet gets stronger when you stay still and at distance for a better critical hit, aim this is why "it shoots from distance". I hope you get to see that we been playing fair and succeed all together even when it comes to fun games! :)
Fun games is the day we organize weekly when we play with our group members not just our record team and we interact with our fans, play games together and have fun chats! :D
you can join us during Sunday :) (used to be on Wednesday, but now Sunday)
We try, we joke, we play, we're serious, we're a little bit of everything! That's z legion!
Thank you everyone for listening and enjoy watching!
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Pet Tutorial will be released next!
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if other teams feel the need to attack us with rocks I will throw them back in their yard because we aint here for this. We are here to be the best and shoot zombies. and we are free to do so in our way and no one can take this from us! just because we are a new team in zombie attack, doesnt mean you can put our success and progress in shadow with fake accusations. That's just dirty play. we will go all loud, we will fight and keep going! Z LEGION!!!!
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