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Welcome to Locked YouTube Channel a streamer from Kolkata, India and I love to play PUBG Mobile lite live and give teamcode to play with all of you guys. Its really so much fun when you guys join me while playing PUBG lite live on my stream.

As I belong to Asian Region of the world I feel that PUBG Mobile Lite live has a great potential towards Live Streaming as well as Game play & E-Sports. you will find me playing with my friends and subscribers so its my personal request to all of you to support this channel so that we can take PUBG Mobile Lite towards a next level. - Love you all, See You in the Chat!

????Join Discord:
????Business e-mail for Sponsorship : enear52@

???? RULES OF CHAT ????
►No Spam, Self Promotion or Promoting Others
►No Racism/Profanity, Treat Each Other Humbly.
►No Trash Talking For other Youtubers/Streamers.
►No discussion on Politics.
►Respect Moderators.
►Do not ask why got timed out.
►Don' t let anyone spoil your fun in chat and help in keeping the chat clean by reporting spammers/abusive trolls .


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We accept only YouTube Super chat and Super stickers as of now.
I will never ask for any donations! Streaming is my full time job, so every donation is highly appreciated. Thank you for all your support

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