My wife & I made a song with our unborn child ???????? ????

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Exciting news, my wife & I going to be parents in Jan 2022 :D During a recent scan I thought our child's heart beat sounded like a techno tune, so naturally my wife & I took the opportunity to collab with our unborn child. ????????

Props to my wife Jüte for being the biggest champion in her 1st trimester & for dealing with Covid on top of dealing with pregnancy. Thank you to the doctor for being a kiff & for capturing our baby's little techno heart! ♥️

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All my life I've been wondering where the beat is
And then I found it, in my 12 week old fetus

Beat beat beat, to the sound of the drum
I dunno how it happened we were having fun
Now I'mma be a daddy & she gonna be a mum
And we found the beat, in our bebe the size of a thumb

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