Kicked Out My Brother & His Wife From My Mother's Funeral For Making Her Last Days Miserable... AITA

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I F31 lost my mother 3 weeks ago to cancer. It was devastating to say the least. I've already lost my dad and my older brother and I was the only to care for my mother although I have a younger brother who now lives towns away with his wife and son.

The issue started when My brother and his wife were struggling with rent. My mother agreed to let them move into my deceased brother's home under on condition and that is to not to throw away any furniture or try to make changes to the house since they were going to stay temporarily. My brother & wife agreed to this condition.

But a month later my mom started missing my deceased brother's stuff. His stuff were thrown away. Furniture as well and my brother's wife changed how the rooms look claiming the decoration wasn't her style. My mom told them to stop but my brother's wife got into an argument with and when my told them to leave. Brother's wife spread rumors that my mom kicked her when she was pregnant (no one knew not even mom) and turned the family against me and mom.

Story 1:
AITA For Kicking my brother and his wife out of my mother's funeral?
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AITA for not wanting to give my cut of my dad’s inheritance?
Story 3:
AITA for excluding my brother's kids from some family events?
Story 4:
AITA for talking to my parents about getting a lock to keep my brother and his wife from going in my room without permission?

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