Justin Bieber NYE Concert Kicks Off Beverly Hilton Series Of LiveVirtual

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Like most hotels in California during the pandemic, the Beverly Hilton has faced a lot of challenges in the pandemic. One solution for the iconic Beverly Hills venue: produce a series of Covid-safe events performed live on the rooftop of its ballroom, where customers can watch from the balconies of their rooms, and remote audiences can watch online. It’s yet another variation on the pandemic’s overriding imperative for transformation and adaptation, as traditional indoor venues for live events have been closed for months at a time, sending performers to drive-in theaters, Walmart WMT parking lots and, of course, online to connect with fans. The Beverly Hilton’s outdoor events kick off tonight, with what is technically a private concert by pop idol Justin Bieber, sponsored by T-Mobile (Bieber has posted several photos of his soundcheck in the sky on his Instagram account). That event will stream tonight digitally, beginning around 6 pm Pacific Time, with two replays on New Year’s Day, according to the New York Post. But plans for future events under what the hotel is calling its “Oasis” series include a wide array of experiences beyond concerts, including esports tournaments, stand-up comedy, film screenings, and more. The events will also be streamed online, in what are being called “enhanced virtual viewing.” To produce the series, the hotel is partnering with Subnation Media, a two-year-old company focused on gamer lifestyle events.“We are continually looking for innovative opportunities and creating memorable experiences for our guests and visitors,” said Beverly Hilton Hotel Manager Michael Robertson. “We are excited to collaborate with Subnation to develop forward-thinking approaches and alternatives to bring live performances back while abiding by safety regulations and social distancing guidelines.”The hotel’s configuration – wrapped around its pool and the adjoining ballroom with scores of rooms overlooking both – provided an opportunity for a different kind of live event, one that could be done safely and also provide a venue for online broadcasts too, said Subnation Chief Managing Director and co-founder Doug Scott.“As OTT viewing, gaming and livestreaming have exploded during the pandemic, we began to ideate new ways to safely deliver live entertainment.” said Scott. The hotel’s design “offers a unique outdoor layout, with the rooms and balconies overlooking the roof of the ballroom and pool. This allows us to create a physical-to-digital transformative experience, that delivers intimate performances for fans with their favorite artists and entertainers while ensuring a COVID-safe environment.”Attendees will get fast Covid tests in their cars upon arrival, then will be able to watch events from their room’s balcony, separated from others. They’ll be required to wear masks whenever they’re moving about the hotel’s public spaces.

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