I Changed my Skin Again...

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So it looks now much better. Also its a nice refresh for me and for
my thumbnails which should look now a little bit more attractive!
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➽Texture Pack: Majestic Milk
➽Sens: 800dpi 73%
➽Fov: 82
➽View Bobbing: off
➽Shaders: Jeezet blur
➽Server: ip:
????‍???? Used software:
➽Recording software: OBS Studio
➽Editing software: Sony Vegas 17
➽Thumbnail software: Gimp/Blender
➽Sound editing software: Reaper/Sony Vegas 17
⌨️ Peripheral Setup:
➽Monitor: AOC 24g2u 1080p 144hz
➽Keyboard: bm65rgb (glorious panda)
➽Mouse: Glorious model O
➽Microphone: Blue yeti X
➽Headphones: Audio Technica m40x
➽Gaming chair: Silver Monkey SMG-550
???? PC Specs:
➽Cpu: Ryzen 5 3600 (4,4ghz)
➽Gpu: Rtx 2070 super msi gaming x trio
➽Ram: trident z rgb 3200mhz cl15 (2x16gb)
➽Motherboard: Aorus b450 pro
➽Case: Be quiet pure base 500dx
➽Power Supply: Silentiumpc supremo fm2 650w
➽Cpu cooler: Silentiumpc fortis 3 evo argb
➽Where are you from?

➽ How old are you?
​Almost 19

➽Can I play with you?
​Yeah, I'll be playing with discord members
​time to time because I'm busy

➽Any other questions?
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#Minecraft #Hypixel #Bedwars
Todays video is I Changed my Skin

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