How To Remove Radio Command Unit | CD Changer | Gear Shifter Box | Mercedes E Class W211

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How to remove Radio Command Unit | CD Changer | Gear Shifter Box | 12V Ashtray | Mercedes E Class W211 in Easy Steps.

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E Class Mercedes W211 (E500) Year Model 2003
Tools needed Screwdriver T20 torque driver (I said T15 actually it's T20 bit)
Straight screwdriver to open fiber optic cable clamp.

7 Pc. Torx Driver Security Bit Set T-10 to T-40 -
Mini Ratcheting Screwdriver and Bit Set -
2-Piece Flat Head Screw Driver Set -
EverKits Screwdriver Set -
Tonsiki 33 Pcs Torx Set -

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Easy Steps -

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