Former Follower Of Love Has Won Claims It Tries To ‘Brainwash’ People; Group Denies Accusation

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Ashley says when she learned on Facebook that the organization Love Has Won was looking for peace, unity, and love, she says that resonated with her, and she decided to visit them in Hawaii. But she says that’s not what she experienced when she arrived.

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“You had to follow all of the rules. You stayed up until at least midnight. You wake up at 5, no exceptions, every day,” Ashley says of the strict rules she claims she was forced to follow. “I do see it as an attempt to brainwash. It was sleep deprivation, mental manipulation,” allegations which the group contends are false.

WATCH: Two Followers Of Love Has Won Spiritual Group Say They Believe Their Leader Is ‘God’

Amy, who calls herself “Mother God,” runs the organization and claims she is Jesus and God. In the video above, hear what Ashley claims about Amy. Plus, why does Ashley say she had to make a quick getaway after two months?

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Amy describes herself and the organization. And, on Tuesday, meet the family of a follower who claims he was left for dead by Love Has Won; an allegation which the group denies. Check here to see where you can watch.

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