Finding the fun in Valheim with CHEATS | Lost in Translation

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Let's play Valheim for the first time, but in Norwegian (and we don't understand Norwegian)! Can we survive long enough in this viking sandbox to figure out how to actually play this game? we can not. So instead we unleash the cheats to try and find meaning in the game's out of bounds areas! What secrets will we discover? Tune in and find out!
Lost in Translation is a series where we play games we've never played before in languages we don't understand.

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DeliciousJames is a unique #gaming channel run by two friends, Peter and Shannon. We play video games for the first time in languages we don't understand. Join us for some contagious laughter, wholesome gaming moments, funny edits, and commentary as we combine real gameplay with memes and live action while stumbling our way through the best games that steam has to offer.

Today we play the viking survival and sandbox game #valheim for the first time. We fight some monsters, explore the map, and try to craft tools, but it's all very confusing when we can't read the instructions. We could really use a beginner tips and tricks video for this one. So join us as we try to find the fun and learn how to play Valheim. The experience really opens up once we enable cheats to turn on god mode, freefly, and warp. We explore the edges of the map and out of bounds areas in the game and fly up to the giant tree in the sky, what hidden secrets and easter eggs are hidden up there?

0:00 Intro and Creation
0:51 Shenanigans
4:17 Enabling Cheats
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