DIY: CD Changer Disassembly & Repair

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Video tutorial on how to disassemble and repair your vehicle's cd changer. Over time a cd changer can stick from either sitting or too much usage. The grease goes dry out and becomes dirty which is turn ruins it's lubricating qualities. Other times the laser can become dirty or the components just wear out all together. Some procedures may vary because all cd changers are not the same model or same manufacturer, but the same principle can be applied. Not all cd changers use a cartridge cd dispenser either. The cd changer unit does need to be removed from the vehicle when doing this repair and it's also good practice to wear a ground strap so you don't risk damaging any internal electrical components. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i.

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Demonstration CD Changer Operation:
DIY: BMW E39 CD Changer Removal:

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-phillips screw driver
-standard/flat screwdriver
-rubbing alcohol/isopropyl
-small cup
-lithium grease
-ground strap
-can of air
-soap and water
-tooth brush

-one of the more common issues is a sticking or damaged cd cartridge
-you can wash the cartridge with soap and water, along with using a toothbrush
-the cartridge does not require any lubrication
-allow it to dry an reinstall
-if you find the cartridge is damaged, a new or used one can be used to replace it
-other times there will be dust lodged inside the unit, this can be repaired using a can of air or a can of dust away
-do not use an air compressor, as the pressure is too high and can damage internal components
-if there are reader issues, you can insert a self cleaning cd that runs a small brush which is embedded in the disk across the laser
-if you want to disassemble the unit, then you will need to remove it from the vehicle
-removal processes vary between vehicles
-once removed, work in an area where you don't risk the chance of losing any small parts
-wear a ground strap to ensure you don't risk damaging any internal electrical components from static electricity
-first start by removing any screws which is holding the case together
-remove the case
-inspect for any broken parts
-replace broken parts if needed
-pour some rubbing alcohol/isopropyl into a small cup
-using a q-tip, dip it in the rubbing alcohol/isopropyl and clean any areas with existing grease
-ensure that there isn't too much rubbing alcohol/isopropyl on the q-tip as we don't want it dripping on the electrical components
-once satisfied with the cleaning, allow it to dry
-using a can of air or can of dust away, blow the unit down so there isn't any dust or debris inside
-using only lithium grease and a q-tip, apply it to the areas you removed the grease from
-ensure that you do apply enough where it lubricate the area efficiently but not too much where it will cause issues
-you can test the unit before reassembly to ensure everything does work correctly
-if you want, you can also remove the rubber shock dampers, they simply pull straight off and to reinstall them you will need to push and rotate them onto the shafts
-reassembly in reverse

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