Deimos Arcana Test Server Full Breakdown (Warframe)

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Sarlacc pit puzzle reward:

I made it on to the test server and here is everything I found out on the test server. DE gave me all the new items as well as 1000 platinum to test the new items and mechanics. I bought a 3-day affinity and alot of forma spending almost half of the platinum given to me. I forma'd EVERYTHING except for the new kit guns and the necramech. Everything else I maxed with multiple forma. As it stand this update is not even close to being finished. If they are gonna make the push for this week, they need to hold back the mech and the bounties.

I forgot to mention the atlas and nekros change, but the rock wall will deal slash damage NOT slash procs and the nekros change takes the rng out of your sorta not really.

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0:00 Intro and Technical Issues
0:50 Minor bugs and changes
1:42 Glaives
1:48 New Augments
3:00 Warframe changes
3:52 New Kitguns
4:19 Kitgun Arcanes
4:36 New Weapons
4:39 New Sniper (Sporothrix)
5:19 Yet Another Cernos (Proboscis Cernos)
6:14 Magazine Grenade Gun (Catabolyst)
6:43 New Arm Cannon (Bubonico)
6:57 New Nunchucks (Pulmonars)
7:16 New Warfan (Arum Spinosa)
7:43 New Necramech
9:00 Steel Path Changes
11:56 New Isolation Vault Bounties
12:32 Conservation Changes
12:39 TL;DR
12:51 Test Server Data Graphs
14:17 Outro
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