Classified - I Love It ft. Just Chase (Official Video) Produced by Classified

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New Song from Classified's "Time ep"
DIRECTED BY Mike Boyd and Luke Boyd

i move in silence but my actions speak very loud
my mothers very proud
the way i made em hear me out
i said i`d do this till i`s carried out
till i`m in the cemetary burried i`m running the necesary routes
all i wanted was appreciation from the ones that i appreciated
nothing suffisticated
and all i ever needed was, finacial security
to make sure that this music wouldn`t murder
i grew up on the snoop dogg, and preemo
did msuic with them both so I feel like the goal's fulfilled
invested every ever dollar saved from mysic for real
put it all in real estate,and stock , and it steadily builds
now my family is good so the goals
roles changed
i'm looking at it different now with old age
time use to move slow now it flys fast
you can always get your money
but can never get your time back

I be stuck in my way
got me feeling some ways
never change for a thing, yea you got it
ain't got no one to blame
cause i ride my own wave
had to find my own way, yea you got it
kind of rough been around through the ups and downs
but oh well cause you know that's true
you know i'm stuck in my own ways

It's a trip but i love it, yea you
it's a trip but i love it
it's a trip but i love it

real shit, my buzz ain't buzzing like it used to be
i see these other guys are racking up more views then me
i use to have the attitude like let me prove my piece
now i`m like it`s cool with me. maybe i`m just too fatigue
Their's no debating my motivation is slowly fading
never lost the hunger, but i lost the need to show my greatness
let me rephrase that i lost the need to prove my greatness
cause no adays i know my worth and i don't need the praises
oh no, i`m just another flawed human trying to figure this out
trying to live without doubt
i know it makes it easier but it ain`t the money you need
the truest happiness in life is from the company you keep
what`s the point of having a pool with noone to enjoy it
im never floating that cash just to be flamboyant, nah
enjoy the time that you have. enjoy the time that you have
cause any minute its gone
and we don't take what we had


Life's a Journey not a destination. 4x
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