Breath Support for Singing - MOST COMMON MISTAKES!

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Breath Support for Singing - such a crucial part of good singing! I will discuss the top 6 mistakes that I see and hear in singers. Mastering breath support, based upon the principle of appoggio) will make your singing life easier! Sing better now and follow Victoria's Victorious Vocal Tips!

I have taught thousands of singers in all styles for 30 years, and have studied voice for 42 years! I always explain everything in everyday language, besides being entertaining! My videos give you quick fixes as well as long term solutions.

Breath Support for Singing - CLEARLY & CORRECTLY explained - FINALLY!

How to Improve Breath Support for Singing - APPLY IT CORRECTLY!

PLAYLIST on Breathing and Breath Support:

Breath Support vs Strain - LOCKING THE VOICE?

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